Attempting to take a photo

You might think by these photos that animal posing is a mandatory part of the vet school curriculum. Truth be told it was very difficult to get anyone to cooperate particularly the 3rd grader. Surprisingly, Larry-Todd the tortoise showed a remarkable emotive modeling sensibility. I think he has a future on the runway. We are…

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Anesthesia Free Dentistry

This week I saw a young, otherwise healthy 5 year old poodle terrier mix that came in for yearly wellness exam. She has excellent owners that have been doing everything possible to keep her healthy. She was on a high quality, grain free diet. She was taken to the dog park and exercised twice a…

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An Ounce of Prevention….

My last post talked about the increasing concern for Heartworm disease here in Tucson. I am way overdue in following that blog with one that explains Heartworm prevention and hopefully challenges some misconceptions about these medications. Heartworm prophylaxis is prescribed by veterinarians and is usually given to our dogs and cats in the form of…

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The last several months have been brutal on the dogs of the Stofft Family. Although we knew several years ago that someday we would be faced with 4 dogs of the same age and breed type growing old simultaneously, we didn’t expect to lose all 4 within about a year and a half. Our last…

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Aliens, Balls, and Bands! Oh My!

What could these three things possibly have in common? They have all been removed from the stomach and intestine of our lovely 4-legged friends. Each year we remove a plethora of fascinating objects from dogs, cats and ferrets. From fish hooks and corn cobs, socks and underwear to toys and rocks. Animals seem to find…

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All I want for Christmas is my two beef treats

The holidays are a time of joy, time with family and friends and exchanging good tidings. It’s also a good time to remember our four-legged (or winged) friends that bring us unconditional love. Treats are always a fun gift to give and receive but we have to offer one caution when choosing packaged treats. We…

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Canine and Feline Diet Recommendations

One of the questions we are asked most frequently is “what do I feed my dog / cat?” With all the products on the market it is easy to understand why this is such a complicated process. Many of the “tried and true” brands that we used for years just aren’t good enough. There is…

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Cats Hate Water

Ernie Longlegs came to the Stofft house a little over a year ago. He was a typical foster kitten – a little mouthy, slightly odd but quite lovable despite all his foibles. One of our favorite quirks was his interest in water, not just for drinking but we quickly found that if you were luxuriating…

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Monsoon Madness

No, we are not having a major blow out sale on fine used furniture. For veterinarians in Tucson, monsoon madness refers to the challenges our pets face during our rainy season. While this is the favorite time of year for many of us, it can be highly stressful for our pets. Two of our most…

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The New and Improved Sabino Veterinary Care

We are very excited to announce that Sabino Veterinary Care will soon have a new, more comfortable home. Don’t worry; we will only be moving about 50 yards to the south. We are remodeling the empty medical office (former TMC facility) right next door into a modern veterinary clinic. This office will have double the…

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