The New and Improved Sabino Veterinary Care

We are very excited to announce that Sabino Veterinary Care will soon have a new, more comfortable home. Don’t worry; we will only be moving about 50 yards to the south. We are remodeling the empty medical office (former TMC facility) right next door into a modern veterinary clinic.

This office will have double the space for more exam rooms, expanded dental, surgical, and treatment areas, as well as much better layout for our office and technician staff to work in. We are planning a larger, more comfortable reception area with a walled in courtyard for clients and patients to walk in. Easier access for parking and fenced-in pet exercise areas will be included. We are excited to have improved privacy and space within the exam room, for an even more comfortable and quiet experience for all our patients and their owners. We are going to work very hard to keep the family feel to our practice and constantly strive to maintain communication and customer service levels that are extremely high.

Jim and Susan are so thankful for the loyal support of our clients over many years that has allowed our practice to grow. As we progress through the next 3-5 months of the year we will continue to provide updates on the building and we hope to share pictures and drawings of the new clinic. Hopefully we will have an open house scheduled around the first of the new year.

What's Next

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