Holiday Cheers

Ah, nothing like a day full of gastroenteritis to remind us to be cautious around the holidays. The last few days has brought us cases of tinsel and poisonous plant ingestion, ribbon and Christmas package destruction and good old fashioned chocolate toxicity. Our previous article Holiday Safety Tips discusses some of these other issues but…

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Heartfelt Plea

One of our employee’s pets, Lightning – a 14 year old Siberian Husky, was brought in several months ago because of a bad tooth. Our plan was to remove the abscessed tooth and clean the remaining teeth under anesthesia which is a straightforward, relatively common procedure. After pre-anesthesia blood testing, Lightning’s story took a strange…

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Happy ending after diligent detective work

We had a stray dog brought into the clinic today without a tag or microchip. Fortunately his owner was found through a Craigslist post, but it reinforces the importance of microchipping our pet cats and dogs. I came across a great story in Trends Magazine, from the American Animal Hospital Association, which Sabino Veterinary Care…

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We lost our beloved Emma after her brave struggle with cancer. She has been such a joyful part of our family that every moment without her is a reminder of our loss. With her mischievous sense of humor, she taught us about love, kindness and exuberance for life. She lovingly raised two girls, a kitten…

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Dog Vaccines – Get to the Point!

Canine Vaccines, there are many different philosophies on the canine vaccine protocol within the dog owning community. While some vaccine recommendations differ based on geography and/or lifestyle of the individual dog, the consensus amongst Veterinarians is all dogs should be vaccinated to protect them from highly contagious diseases. The benefits of vaccines generally do outweigh…

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Do you Bother to Brush or Choose to Chew?

With the start of February and National Veterinary Dental Month, I thought I would talk about some of the strategies and products that our available to help promote good oral health of our cats and dogs. Of course, the first step is to have your pet examined by a veterinarian and if periodontal disease is…

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“Do I feel lucky? …Well do ya, Punk?”

Here at Sabino Veterinary Care in Tucson Arizona we find we share our environment with a lot of fascinating creatures. Some of these are interesting to our cats, (Gecko, bird, mouse, moth) and some are interested in our cats (coyote, bobcat, rattlesnake, owl). I am sometimes asked about the risk/reward in allowing a house cat…

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Diabetes Recognition and Treatment

Diabetes is a serious, chronic illness that many people are familiar with to some degree – often having had friends or family members affected at some time in their lives. Our dog and cat family members can also suffer from Diabetes Mellitus – lack of insulin production which can lead to many different symptoms. The…

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Cats- Carnivorous, canned food cravings

We wrote an article a few months back that gave an overview of our philosophy about feeding our dogs and cats. One of the main concepts that we discussed was the importance of high protein (high quality and high %), and low carbohydrate. Our house cats are true carnivores; some of us have witnessed the…

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Cat Training… (Saywhat?)

Recently at the front of our reception desk we had a flyer displaying information on a Cat Training Seminar. It certainly seemed to catch the attention of several of our clients, and so many of them asked the obvious question… “How on earth do you train a cat?”. I was embarrassed to find that I…

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