Naming outside the box

Those of us who work with pets love to meet animals with unusual names. They are more memorable, and it usually gives us an entry into an interesting conversation about how the name was chosen. We tend to get a lot of “Gingers”, “Blackies” or “Lucy”. “Lucky” is unfortunately also common, and although not scientifically proven, is usually associated with rare and debilitating illness, or significant trauma either by coyote or automobile rendering it perhaps the least lucky name in history.

We cannot claim that our own pets were given outstanding, and creative names – Charlie, Lucas and Emma are certainly not top of the creativity list. We liked the name Emma so much we debated naming our daughter Emma and changing the dog’s name – although we instinctively knew that this would be unacceptable for both parties.

VPI (pet) insurance lists the Top 50 Wackiest Pet Names each year. This year’s names are especially awe inspiring. Topping the list for dogs are: Pickle von Corndog, Lord Chubby Pruneface, Badonkadonnk and Ninjastar Dangerock. Our personal favorites from the feline category are: Purr Diem, Bing Clawsby, Cleocatra and Chairman Meow.

Feel free to submit your own favorite pet names to our blog and perhaps next year we will have collected our own list of pet names.

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