I love the smell of litterboxes in the morning

I could not have written this blog last week, as our family had finally reached its rope with the offensiveness of our 2 litter boxes. While we keep both boxes out of the normal traffic flow, recently our best efforts at litter box maintenance were not up to snuff (or sniff). We have tried a few different brands of litter and the Arm and Hammer Baking Soda additive but we were not keeping the smell down.

We were handicapped by our reluctance to use any of the clay based clumping litter. I wanted to avoid it to cut down on dust for us and the cats, and because the plant based litters were reported to be safer for the sewer or septic system. I never was brave enough to flush the waste, but it had entered our minds. I have experience with the high potency perfumed clumping clay litter which is used at my Father’s house. And while it seems to reduce the cat waste odor – I am not sure the heavy handed “Floral-Spring Scent” is much of an improvement.

Odor control and litter box maintenance are very important to encourage our cats to keep using the litter box. Some of the first questions a veterinarian will ask if presented with a cat pooping or peeing outside the box are about how many boxes do you have, how often are they cleaned, what type of litter, etc. In some cases cats are refusing to use a litter box, because of a substrate or odor aversion, or social pressure from other cats.

In the past we have used Yesterdays News – from recycled newspaper, Feline Pine – wood shavings, and The Worlds Best Cat Litter – from corn. Finally we decided to try the Natures Miracle cat litter – also made from corn cobs, but with additional odor fighting enzymes and pine oil. This litter is also dust free, and reported to be flushable (if you want to live on the edge). So far this product has amazed us with its efficacy at odor control. I must state for the record that I have not received any financial consideration for this product endorsement, but if any company representatives are reading this blog and would like to shower me with money, I would listen to any and all offers.

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