Toxic Topic: Topical Hormone Replacement

The Veterinary Community has been experiencing an increase in the number of cats and dogs with unusual symptoms. We are seeing both male and female patients affected by contact with their owner’s topical hormone replacement therapy sprays, creams, and gels. Pet owners are not purposely exposing their pets to these topical agents, rather it is…

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Tips for a happy and safe 4th

Happy 4th to you and your furry family members! Did you know that more pets go missing on July 4th than any other day of the year? Here are a few helpful tips to ensure that everyone (furry-friends included) have a fun and safe holiday weekend! Keep your pet indoors or in a secured, escape-proof…

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Thoughts on Thyroid

Recently my Aunt’s cat, Cosette was diagnosed with Hyperthyroidism. She lives in Washington State and we had talked about her symptoms over the phone; weight loss, drinking more water, and some behavior changes. She was evaluated by her veterinarian in Sequim and the blood tests confirmed that Cosette’s Thyroid level was too high. She has…

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Thirsty Cats

A new study has come out, performed by researchers at M.I.T. that sheds new light on one of the fundamental questions of science, how are cats different from dogs? Sure you may think that answer is obvious, dogs don’t make deposits into a litter box, only withdrawals. But it turns out that there are many…

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The Season for Parvo

As summer starts to crank up in Tucson like a slow speed hair dryer, people are on the move. Our kids are let out of school and into various summer camps and activities. After U of A graduation, many students and winter visitors scramble out of town for places cooler and greener. At veterinary clinics…

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Tale of the Tape (Worm)

Every few months we get a dog or cat that has been infected with Tapeworms in the clinic. Usually the owner finds these little beauties crawling around the back end of their pet. Rarely will you see an intact tapeworm; much more commonly we see the little proglottid segments that look like grains of rice…

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Starting a Blog

Well, as my sister Lori has said once or a thousand times, “you NEED to start a blog”. As small animal vets, Susan and I have wanted to try our hand at writing about subjects that interest us and hopefully pet owners, and random strangers as well. We hope to update this regularly and we…

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Sunscreen for Pets

Here in the desert we see a lot of sun induced skin disease and cancer in animals just as we do in people. Keeping your pet indoors or in a shaded area is the best way to avoid sun damage. When they are outside you can keep them covered with a UV protected shirt or…

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Scorpions are a rather creepy, unpleasant but relatively inevitable part of desert dwelling. Most of us have been stung by a scorpion or know someone who has, and for the most part these little critters just cause us a lot of pain. In human medicine, they report a number of deaths associated with scorpion stings,…

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Raw Diets

The major risks of raw diets are: 1. Perforation of the GI tract by bones – this has been reported – I think one case was detailed in Veterinary Medicine a few years ago- and surgeons say they are seeing more of it. To me, this is the most dangerous risk to the dog and…

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