Rattlesnake Bites: Avoidance training and treatment

Background: Rattlesnakes are a common issue across most of the western states and Arizona is certainly no exception. Every year we are plagued by snake bites to dogs and cats as well as our other 4-legged friends. Reactions to snake bites varies on the location the animal was bitten, the type of rattlesnake and even…

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Rabies Reminder

Veterinarians can occasionally fall into a pattern of complacency when talking about preventive medicine. Often our repetitive soapbox speeches about vaccinations and parasite prevention can start to feel canned and stale and not important for “real life” situations. I can only imagine that we sometimes sound like a broken record to our clients as we…

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Puzzled by your food?

At Sabino Veterinary Care, we spend a fair amount of time talking about diet choices for dogs and cats, and trying to guide our pet owners towards better choices of dog and cat food brands. We wrote about this a few years ago in this article. We also talk a little about feeding strategies. For…

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Online Pharmacy Blues

We are so fortunate to live in a world today where everything is a click away. I’m fairly certain there is no greater bargain shopper than yours truly. I often find myself at the computer with 5 or more tabs open searching for products with the best reviews and the best prices. When it comes…

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Naming outside the box

Those of us who work with pets love to meet animals with unusual names. They are more memorable, and it usually gives us an entry into an interesting conversation about how the name was chosen. We tend to get a lot of “Gingers”, “Blackies” or “Lucy”. “Lucky” is unfortunately also common, and although not scientifically…

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My cat has a drinking problem

Now that researchers at M.I.T. have discovered the physics that allow a cat to drink water, it is time to talk about why water intake is so important. Several common medical conditions that we find in our cat patients benefit from increasing their water consumption. We recommend increasing water for our older cats with kidney…

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Missing Microchip

This article was prompted by a scary 24 hours our family had after our cat “Mousey” took advantage of a laundry room door that blew open during a monsoon and went on walkabout. I know that we are not supposed to have “favorites” but the fact is Mousey is our favorite pet – we bottle…

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Managing the Mosquito

As a kid growing up in Tucson, I was fascinated by tarantulas, gigantic paloverde beetles, and other insects and arachnids commonly encountered in our desert. I do not remember being plagued by clouds of mosquitoes during the evenings after the monsoons. Now I find our back porch swarming and I hear reports from others around…

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Itchin’ and Scratchin’

We see a lot of itchy dogs. Commonly our itchy dogs have some type of allergy, either to something in the environment or sometimes to an ingredient in their food. We see skin infections from bacteria as well as yeast and occasionally an autoimmune disease that causes itchy skin. Today I wanted to talk about…

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I love the smell of litterboxes in the morning

I could not have written this blog last week, as our family had finally reached its rope with the offensiveness of our 2 litter boxes. While we keep both boxes out of the normal traffic flow, recently our best efforts at litter box maintenance were not up to snuff (or sniff). We have tried a…

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